Most Useful Apps For a Fashionista In 2019

Being a fashionista often meant browsing fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire to find the latest tips and inspiration. Nowadays, things changed quite a lot, so if you’re a fashionista, you don’t need to religiously wait for the latest issue of Vogue you’ve subscribed to. Thanks to smartphones and broadband, we’re all able to get instant information. Fashionistas are no different, so for that reason, here are some most useful apps that every fashion-conscious woman should use:

1. Instagram

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The holy grain of all social media, which is no surprise, considering that is one of the most-used apps this year. Here you can find all the brands, social media personalities, influencers, youtubers, and of course, celebrities. This social media app has a lot to offer, from fashion tips to witty quotes and makeup advice. Therefore, you’ll definitely find something for yourself, and it’s refreshing to know that you can also save your favorite posts into collections and look them whenever you want. Even if you’re not an aspiring influencer, you can still use this app to browse the latest fashion trends and look for some ideas whenever you feel uninspired.

2. Net-a-porter

This app originally started as a fashion website and a retailer, but there’s also an iOS app, so you can keep up with the newest trends and check out various style icons wearing the trendiest clothes right now. Of course, you can also buy the exact outfits like Olivia Palermo or any other fashionista, just keep in mind to spend in moderation, as this app is quite addictive, especially if you’re a shopaholic by nature.

3. Pureple

Sometimes branded as Tinder of clothing apps, this app allows you to create your own outfits out of catalogs or ask for tips and suggestions and then swipe left to reject the idea or right to save it. Using this app can especially come in handy for those who are more organized and love to declutter their wardrobe on a regular basis. Also, if you love to plan your outfits in advance, Pureple can be really useful for you. 

4. Mode-relier

Mode-relier is one of those powerhouse apps that have practically everything. Aside from fashion tips, there are also skincare, makeup, and hairstyle advice that are based on your skin and hair type. There’s also an option to sort out your wardrobe and organize your clothes based on size, color, and material type. Due to its great features, this app is the best used with fast fiber internet that will let you browse the internet in peace. Using a quality connection is crucial in this day and age, and fashion apps are no exception. Mode-relier will help you get ready even if you’re not in the mood to go out, so you won’t regret downloading it onto your phone. 

5. The Hunt

The Hunt isn’t only an app, but also a large styling website, where you can find great fashion tips and outfit ideas. Since it fosters a community approach, you can also upload photos and then get feedback and tips from other fashionistas. Additionally, there’s an option to create polls and then let the community help you with your future purchases, while you can also do the same for others. And if you truly love shopping, there’s a wishlist to save clothes that you intend to buy later. 

Bottom line

Photo by Kuroko Ukou on Unsplash

These fashion apps will surely help you look better and be a more organized shopper. Every aspiring fashionista needs support and advice, so choosing one of these apps can transform your closet and make you more confident when it comes to picking your outfits for various occasions.

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