The Must Own Pieces of Jewellery You Need This Summer

Finding the right piece of jewellery can make or break an outfit. It can be difficult to strike a balance when mixing and matching pieces – particularly when you’re trying to achieve the right level of glamour for a special occasion or to inject a touch of beauty into your everyday look.

Coco Chanel famously said she would build her outfit and then take one piece of jewellery off before leaving the house. Simply put, less is always more, but in the case of these must-have accessories you won’t want to take any of them off!

20160622173828279The Standout Necklace

Every woman should own one statement necklace that has the power to complete any outfit. A statement necklace can lift an ordinary outfit from boring to beautiful – the key is finding a balance between your choice of outfit and the other accessories. For a quirky-kitsch addition to your ensemble, look to brands like Tatty Devine for a playful punch of personality. And for a more formal occasion, Mint Velvet offer a chic collection of bold necklaces.

Stacking Rings

Summer calls for a relaxing of the rules around what counts as “too much” jewellery. And nowhere is this more prevalent than with the rise of stacking rings. Mix and match your favourite styles and clash materials to fully capitalise on this trend. The beauty of stacking rings is that you can build on expensive pieces and update your look with frequent additions to your collection. You can find those all-important supporting pieces from your high street shops such as Topshop, River Island and H&M.

wood-animalsStatement Earrings

The ultimate statement of luxury is a pair of diamond earrings. Earrings can dress up an outfit with little effort – take your look from zero to glam with just a pair of standout earrings. When buying diamonds, it’s crucial to make sure they are responsibly sourced and from a reputable dealer. Try Diamonds Of Choice to select a pair of loose diamonds to create your dream pair of earrings.

The Dainty Necklace

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for a carefree and easy way to accessorise a summer outfit, you can’t go wrong with a dainty necklace. Finery offers a curated selection of dainty necklaces with some unexpected finishes. Dress up a plain tank top or summer shift dress with a delicate and understated necklace. Although it can be tempting to build a huge collection of cheap and ultimately throwaway jewellery, looking for individual pieces from independent designers and smaller retailers is the key to building a strong arsenal of accessories for the summer months.


Parting Note

Summer is the perfect time to reinvent your style and make a bold statement with your choice of jewellery. If you’re heading away on holiday, it’s a chance to show off your statement pieces, or hunt down some treasures on your travels. The key is to look for unique details that take a piece of jewellery from garish to glam. Strike a balance between your jewellery, and take a note from Coco Chanel’s style advice if you’re worried you’ve gone overboard!

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