My Beautiful JORD Wood Watch in the New Mexico Desert

We arrived in the desert area of southern New Mexico, known as the Tularosa basin, last week. It’s a beautiful area surrounded by mountains on all sides, safe from the harsh spring weather in the east and early heat of Arizona. Cool air from the mountains keeps the area breezy all spring…summer is another story.
We’re in this area for a month, and as turquoise is a stone that often represents the southwest, I kept this in mind when looking at women’s wood watches. When I saw the dark wood tones and bright turquoise face of the JORD Cora watch, it was the perfect match for my new vintage turquoise ring and quickly tanning skin tone. It’s a color I’ll always love and will easily integrate with most of my outfits year round. For now though, it will look sharp and stark against the desert, drawing eyes wherever it goes.

the arrival

When the watch arrived late last week, it was at the end of a long day of work and the start of an awesome weekend. I opened it on the picnic table at our campsite and immediately felt special when I saw a gorgeous wooden box with a sliding lid and the JORD logo engraved on the top. The watch also came with extra parts for sizing adjustment, a cleaning cloth, and the tiniest embroidered watch pillow.

good impressions

hand watch large 2The watch is of beautiful quality, honestly the nicest watch I’ve owned. I really love the wood, definitely my thing. I can’t tell you how harsh and annoying bright silver bands look to me, and how low quality plastic or canvas ones seem. I’ve gone years without a watch because of these things and I’ve finally found a natural, earthy, alternative that matches my outdoorsy personality – yet still works amazing for bringing a little outdoors inside. Due to the nature of wood, each watch will be different as well. Individuality is our things after all!

hand watch large 3The band has a quick latch that opens it up wide and clips back on easily. The numbers are a mix of gold dashes and swarovski crystals and there’s an awesome little round window where you can watch the movement of the watch. On the backside, you get a full view of the mechanism in action. It brings out my love of industrial movement and accurate machinery, and shows the quality of the internal parts… no plastic!

Something I like about having a watch, that the modern world sometimes forgets, is that they’re a fashion statement while also being a non distracting, functional part of daily life. Smart phones are cumbersome and over complicate simple tasks, like getting the time. I desperately need to slow down my life and stop looking at my screen, and that’s why I choose a beautiful wooden watch.

I have nothing but great things to say about my new watch. There’s such an amazing, unique, collection on the JORD Wood Watches website that I’ll easily be recruiting a few friends and family for sure!

White Sands

JORD Watch at White Sands National Monument
JORD Cora Watch in Turquoise
Jorn Watch - Gold, Blues, Black and Purples
Holga Camera, JORD Cora Watch, Embroidered Coat by Gap, Harley Davidson Boots, Vintage Turquoise Ring, Gold Crystal Necklace and Day of the Dead New Orleans Tank Top.
White Sand Dunes
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

Womens Wood Watches

Turquoise Cora Wooden Watch by JORD, Harley Davidson Boots, Vintage Turquoise Ring
Turquoise Cora Wooden Watch by JORD, Harley Davidson Boots, Vintage Turquoise Ring
Holga Camera and JORD Watch
Holga Camera and JORD Watch, Embroidered Coat by Gap, Harley Davidson Boots, Vintage Turquoise Ring
Plants on the Dunes
Life on the Dunes

Turqoise on the Dunes

One thought on “My Beautiful JORD Wood Watch in the New Mexico Desert

  1. I never knew the Cora could look so beautiful! The desert really brings out the colors of the zebrawood and turquois! Thank you so much for sharing!

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