Dabeno Crow: Zombies, Cats, Lightning oh my!

Zombie Earrings

Do you like cats? Do you like lightning? How about the effervescent allure of zombies? During my usual perusal of Etsy, while wishing that people would buy some of my photos and post cards ( at lost kat photography) I came across my other Etsy account (it was an accident, I swear) where I uploaded items from my other passion, jewelry and whimsy. I just started listing things a week ago, having spent most the fall building up my collection of odd little antiques and trinkets from antique shops across the country, from New Orleans to North Carolina (and some beads from mexico). I don’t normally plug myself, of all the designers I promote, I’m not one of them, but I’ve had a few too many and the need to share is overwhelming at the moment.

From fun to fancy, I can’t help but cover it all. The bronzes and golds of yore riddle my collection with a screaming urge for a comeback. I’ve been experimenting with metals, forming clay sculpture skulls and have plans to widen my store with embroidery and furniture. It’s a place to indulge my need for experimentation and urge to “prove to myself I can do anything”. Anyway, here are a few items from the shop…

See my whole collection at: Native Tongue


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