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I’m sort of addicted to sunglasses as you may have noticed, and I love the original and /or retro styles when I can get them. I’ve been sporting some vintage ‘big eyed’ pink sunnies from the 80s for much of the summer, but the visibility in them is pretty terrible. They’re excellent for covering up tired eyes but not for a whole lot more, so when I got my new Nectar ‘Drift’ sunglasses I was pretty stoked!

Mine have a special kind of sunburst coated lens, rarely seen on anything but cheesy gas station glasses that people going out on boats for the day have to buy. It’s a lovely orangeish rainbow reflection that makes the reflected world into a technicolor dream. They’re also surprisingly easy to clean and so far scratch resistant. They came with a little bag, which I try to remember to use, but sometimes they just end up in the console of our truck.


The frames are lightweight and seem pretty durable. They have a nice root-beer brown tint that goes well with my Duff Rucksack, my stone necklace and all beautiful places we hike. The day I got them I wore them for a hike in Sedona, Arizona, a beautiful yet hot desert town. We were surrounded by noisy cicadas and the trail was quite cool by comparison to the rest of the hot Arizona valley.

Evening hike in Sedona in my Nectar Sunglasses
Evening hike in Sedona in my Nectar Sunglasses

nectar-sunglasses-3 nectar-sunglasses-2 nectar-sunglasses-6 nectar-sunglasses-1

There are tons of styles I like, some for basic hikes and some for more daring outfits, like the Griffin Sunglasses which sport leopard print arms, gold tints and black lenses.
nectar glasses 1

nectar dudeThey have lots of styles for men and women, in basic or polarized sunglasses, plastic frame or metal. I like all their styles, maybe the metal frames more for my boyfriend than myself, but what I like the most about them is their unique colors and lens treatments. Some of my favorite images of the 80s are of lenses like that – but now we can get them in a style that isn’t quite as silly.



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