Nerdsday: 8 Bit Sunglasses of Awesome – Have Arrived!

Possibly you remember when I wrote a blog about Russian company, Samal Design,  producing a series of super expensive sunglasses with 8 bit style frames (here). In my opinion they weren’t all that special. Of course quality of lens can make a huge difference but not a $500 vs. $7.99 difference. I’ll take the $7.99 ones please.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before the
8 Bit Sunglasses
were made cheaply, and ready for mass consumption, by me, and other nerds who love 8 Bit Awesome.

Check out these beauties available on amazon now: 8 Bit Sunglasses

8-Bit Sunglasses
Pixel Sunglasses

Pixel Sunglasses

Check them out on K-Pop Star, Mir of MBLAQ:

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