Nerdsday: Customize Your Tee From Your iPhone

The world’s first programmable t-shirt exists. If you never thought all that awesome shit from the future (movie futures) would happen, you were dead wrong. Every day crazy new technology is being discovered, and even fashion is getting in on it. If it is possible, humans will find a way, eventually.

From your phone you can change the tee’s design to your latest tweet or status, take photos, share photos, share music and more. The t-shirt itself has endless options with the iOS app, and the T-shirt’s built in camera, mic, accelerometer and speakers.

The programmable tee, coined tshirtOS, is made by the interactive clothing company, Cutecircuit , teamed up with Scotch whiskey distillers Ballantine’s . Unfortunately, the tee is currently not for sale. WHAT!? I know right.. well, there is something we can do about it. Visit the Ballantine’s Facebook Page ( and let them know you are interested in such a tee. If they get enough interest, they’ll start production!

tshirtOS interactive t-shirt

tshirtOS interactive t-shirt

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