Nerdsday: Infuse iPod Nano Wristband

What’s better than a watch that looks like a mini mixtape? It just might be a watch that actually plays music. I got one of these wristbands to go along with my Nano 6G this year for Christmas, and although I really love the EOS Mixtape watch (and will wear it all the damn time if I ever get it), I think my new iPod goes best with the Infuse wristband and the fancy “Wristlock” mechanism that locks it in safely. It’s basic enough looking watchband, which keeps it diverse – comes in black, white or brown, and so far I’ve put more hours of wear on it than I have music on my Nano (I’ve been falling asleep with it on).

The only part that takes some getting used to is the cord for the headphones but as the creators, FrontalConcepts, recommended, stick it up your sleeve (especially easy in this cold weather with coat wearing more rampant). When your not using it for music, unplug and wear it like a watch. I’m not sure if my arms will get caught up in the cord when I’m back to wearing tanktops every day, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now I’m enjoying my new Arcade Fire album and some hot chocolate after my return from vacation.

Check out more about the Infuse wristband at their website //

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