Nerdsday: Pixel Frame Glasses by Samal Design

dzmitry samal pixel12
French designer Dzmitry Samal has created a simple yet futuristic design for sunglasses, the pixel. Retro and futuristic is what most people are saying about the design, confusing to think about the two being one in the same but somehow Samal managed it. It almost seems silly that no one has come up with pixel frame glasses before and at the price these things run, it wont be long before knockoffs are all over the planet.
The explanation for the price of these sunglasses, dark lenses or clear ones, is the quality of the lens themselves. The glasses are made ​​entirely in France in the traditional way from acetate where they use only Christian Dalloz Sunoptics (with 100% UV protection). This won’t mean a whole lot to some of us who just want the shape of the frame in our hands for under 126,00€. The best styles of the bunch run from 298€ to 350€ which pains me to think about spending on sunglasses but many of you will probably be willing to dish it our for an original and authentic pair of Dzmitry Samal pixel glasses. I however will wait till this summer when we will no doubt see them wherever we would usually see shutter, blinder and heart shaped sunglasses. One thing you can always bet on it knockoffs!

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