New girl in town

Theres a new designer in Portland and she needs some damn attention. Shesho Designs provides fashionable and affordable apparel for hip young adults. Sheshocomes from a place you can feel good about,The Great Northwest, but more specifically, Portland (Oregon). Krista Kelly, founder of Shesho Designs, was inspired to explore fashion design after spending three months in Buenos Aires Argentina the winter of 2006. Her work is heavily influenced by South American fashion and the graffiti art that she documented in Argentina. After returning to her home town of Bellingham Washington, she soon moved to Portland. Portland proved to be an inspiration to her as well, with a rich local fashion scene and graffiti culture. As a perk, she places a heavy emphasis on recycled clothing and redesigned vintage material, using recycled products in approximately 60% of her designs. Shesho offers colorful and original items such as necklaces, t-shirts, knit fanny-packs, and hot pants, with more items planned for the future. Her current line includes necklaces, t-shirts, knit fanny-packs, and hot pants. You can find her products at Portland Saturday Market and at Frock boutique at 1439 NE Alberta, Portland Oregon.
You can also Keep an eye on Krista and her blossoming Portland based company, Shesho Designs, by visiting the website.

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