New Orleans

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Street art on Magazine Street in New Orleans. This town is pretty great. Lots of great style, if your in the right neighbourhood. On one end of town you have the areas devastated (and still are) by Katrina and on the other you have hip latte drinking hipsters. The south is really interesting that way.

The crime rate is high and just walking to the store in the neighbourhood I’m staying in can be nerve racking. Groups of men with tear drop tattoos (traditionally prison tattoos) and being the only white girl for miles it seems, heading out to the post office on the bus today was pretty interesting. I’m street smart enough to only take my mail, put my phone in my boot and debit card in my bra but it didn’t keep me from being harassed a little. Mostly about my $150 motorcycle boots in pretty much perfect shape. I’m well aware someone might rob me for my boots as well so next time, sneakers.

I’m not trying to be paranoid but its a fact and we’ve been warned this neighbourhood isn’t so great. Me and my boyfriend walked to find an open store on Sunday and were honked at and asked if we wanted to buy weed within 20 feet on the main road. I don’t mind, I prefer poor neighbourhood to rich in most places (especially if i have a car) but I’m not pushing my luck either.

Looking forward to renting a car again this weekend and going back downtown!

Also in news about New Orleans: New Orleans shopping guide coming soon!!!

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