New Street Fashion Watches by Steel Cake Watch Co.

New York, NY – Steel Cake, the new watch company based in Brooklyn sets out to launch their introductory line of timepieces.

Emerging young designers, Matthew Burnett and James Nelson set to break the mold with new fashion-forward flavor to the watch industry with creations such as dog tag watches

Time has never been so fashionable. Steel Cake is the new watch company based out of Brooklyn founded by designer Matthew Burnett. Twenty-two year old Matthew is one of the youngest watch designers in the industry. Matthew is set to launch his first line of watches with good friend and co-founder James Nelson early this winter season. With such stylish creations as a dog tag watch, they are sure to make a prominent mark in the world of timepieces. This stainless steel dog tag pendent displays a small watch and is offered in black plated metal and regular stainless steel.This new accessory line is geared towards young adults that know what a huge impact the little things in life can create.

Steel Cake Watches

” We create based on a theory that people want to be able to express their individuality, we create for people to make a discernible statement of style.” – Matt

As one of the most artistically saturated urban areas in the world, Brooklyn, New York serves as an endless supply of inspiration for design.

” Technological advances have made many young adults rely on cell phones and computers to tell time. Its my goal to bring back the fashion appeal of watches with a new look”. – Matt

Don’t look to find Steel Cake watches in any local jewelry store.
Steel Cake is an exclusive watch brand now available at select
boutiques. Steel Cake watches are also available on their online
store ( . Steel Cake watches will be opening in boutiques in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Detroit this winter. These trendy new watches are sure to excite the fashion industry this

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