New Streetwear Brands to Try in 2019

Streetwear culture is bigger than ever, and with more inspiration coming from all around the world, new brands are becoming available, and old brands are coming back into the spotlight. Whether you’re looking for affordable fashion or a unique take on high fashion, here are 5 brands that are the highlight of 2019 so far. 


Natalia Maczek is the founder of this iconic brand, and while the Polish designer labels it has streetwear, the is a debate as to whether or not it is in fact high fashion. Either way, the publicity is nothing but good for Misbhv, with its current inspiration coming from early 2000’s rave culture with iconic designs dyed onto tops and hoodies. The brand has had the likes of Kylie Jenner wearing it, and over the past couple of years, this brand has blown up for 2019.

Be Yourself Clothing

A humbled brand that as its trademark explains, wants the wearer to be true to themselves regardless of what others say or think about them. The brand is affordable and offers its scribbled branding on most garments. Its tee’s and hoodies offering daily essentials to everyone, but Be Yourself also offers iconic garments for wearers wanting more out of their streetwear. The brand has been worn by premier league footballers, with Jesse Lingard looking like Be Yourself Clothing’s top ambassador.


Baggy jeans, oversized fits and retro graphics are helping the Korean brand take off. Its controversial website style also leads more users to browse its unusual format (having to scratch away the screen with a mouse or finger to see the products). ADER ERROR is offering playful twists on conventional garments that have influenced collaborations with the likes of PUMA, the brand is both youthful and retro and is helping to change the fashion industry.

Dooms Day Co

An independent streetwear brand offering tattoo inspired daywear. Dooms Day Co offers a complete variety when it comes to both design and garments, with simple tops with a single small rose on the front to detailed hoodies full of intricate design. The brand is affordable and considering its unique designs on every garment, offers great value. Its style is somewhat similar to OBEY, taking the design aspect of the garments to the next level rather than depending on the logo itself to drive the brand.

Hera London 

Hera, the wife of Zeus and queen of the gods, is somewhat relevant to the brand itself. Hera London is a unisex streetwear brand that has kept its branding and style simple since 2015. The online retailer has moved onto the high street over the past few years and with great success. Hera London offers pricing that inflates depending on the products, making it hard to work out, but it’s affordable for the majority. Oversized tops and skinny jeans are the foundation of this brand, but it also tailors its seasons with netted tops and shorts for the summer and hoodies and coats for the winter. You can find the branding of the products commonly just under the neckline of the tops, which isn’t the most common position.

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