New Sunglasses For A Long Hot Summer

glassesI’m fairly obsessed with sunglasses although I actually own very few at the moment. My most recent pair is the Firmo FS1009, not the most catchy name but a pretty great pair of new sunglasses!
firmoo-tableThe first thing I noticed about them was how high quality they felt. They came with a great little case covered in a world map pattern, a cleaning cloth and a cloth bag (my primary holder for them). The lenses are rather dark, great for me because I love feeling a bit hidden and mysterious behind a pair of great lenses, and the view was crystal clear.

First weekend I had them, I wore them non stop, we are currently in the Lafayette Louisiana area for a few weeks and with so many places to hike and walk around, they had plenty of work to do. Even if the heat and humidity isn’t very pleasant here, I love any excuse to wear sunglasses and tank tops.

These new sunglasses have their work cut out for them! We’ll be in the South all summer, next, New Orleans and these Firmoo glasses will fit in just great as my sole pair of unscratched shades!  Why can’t I remember to use the cases (I’ll do better with these one, I swear).

Check out more firmoo sunglasses and prescription classes here!

firmoo-jungle-hike firmoo-1

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