New York Fashion Week is More Popular Than The Superbowl

I never would have guessed, nor wondered I suppose, but now that I know – it’s pretty interesting. The New York Fashion Week event happening middle of this month generates more revenue and has more visitors than the Super Bowl.

When February strikes, two major US events return to their respective stomping grounds, and earn their rightful spot in the public eye: the ultra fab, exclusively elite New York Fashion Week F/W16 and America’s #1 passion and most talked about event, Super Bowl 50. With two of the country’s most anticipated spectacles ready to ‘break’ the internet, we were wondering how much clout each one has in various perspectives. From economical impact to food and beverage consumption– numbers never lie. We did some hardcore sleuthing, and rounded up 7 of the craziest facts about NYFW and the Super Bowl you probably didn’t know before.

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Super Bowl vs NYFW Stylight

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