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VOTE! Photos of the day: Keep The Flag in Fashion!

I’ve been through a few elections now and I’ve been an American* forever. I have also lived in another country when George W. Bush was president and I know how different the world is, outside the US, when the whole world hates your president. In my apartment building in Buenos Aires, I literally had neighbours who would not ride the elevator with me because of my nationality. No regard for who I voted for or the…

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Summer Sales While the Sun is Still Hot

The Amour Cami Top I don’t know about all of you but I’m already getting tired of some of the summer clothes I bought last spring and could use some new stuff (but that comes with being a compulsive shopper who spends her days looking at fashion online). Since I’m such a cheap skate, I’m always looking for awesome summer sales but at the same time I want original clothes that I won’t see on anyone…

Keep Calm and Shop

Memorial Day Sales We Love Already

Summer comes but once a year (unless of course you like to live somewhere warm or like to jump hemispheres once in a while). I’m excited about this summer. I recently won both a $100 gift card from H&M (via ThisNext) and a $100 gift card from Amazon via Veer.com, and have officially rekindled my shopping addiction and hope to take lots of pics as soon as my treasured arrive. Just thought I’d post some of…


So sorry we went away

So, we had a major website crash this last week and there really wasn’t any way to warn anyone except using facebook and twitter. The problem was wordpress related, and for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s the blog software we use. I guess there is an issue with the new WordPress version and some plugins and one of them, no one knows which, caused my website to cause major issues on the server…