Nikera will bebop your socks off

If you like tulle slips, prom dresses, crazy color comobos, timeless design or even just looking hip while grocery shopping for cupcake supplies, Nikera Clothing is one designer who can fulfill your needs.

Nikera Clothing

Nikera Clothing was established just this last fall by one hell of an interesting lady, Nicholette Moore. From a young age Nikki learned the skillful art of shopping well and within your means, adopting the motto “you don’t have to be rich to look rich” from her fashion wise father and adapting both thriftiness and an interest in new trends from her mother. She was able to choose pieces that were quality, timeless yet inexpensive, traits that show clearly in her newest collection. She was especially drawn to fashion at the ‘oh so creative’ age of 15, attending the Barbizon School of Modeling in Tampa, FL for a year. There she gained knowledge of makeup, photo shoots, runway modeling and other innerworkings of the fashion world. After graduation Nikki joined the military for 9 years (seems like a jump but keep reading) , having a great experience and learning discipline that would prove to be useful for, what she calls “what I was put on this earth to do”. Nikki is on that earth and doing what it is she should. Making awesome clothes.

The name Nikera comes from “Nikki’s Era”. Her latest mission aims to “bring class and sophistication back to the streets of America” as she puts it, and just that she will. Her line for Spring 2010, inspired by 1950s A-line dresses, is a statement in itself of the playful yet strong woman, just as Nikki herself seems to be. Bright colors combinations, daring infractions form the norm – the entire line will make you sweat gumdrops and wish you knew a great juke-joint.

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