Off the Shoulder Obsession: How to Master this Trend

The off-shoulder trend has become an obsession all over the fashion world. In fact, it has quickly become a wardrobe essential, especially for those that want a flirty yet flattering look that feels comfortable and stylish. Whether it’s a statement one-shoulder top or a full-off off the shoulder dress, this trendy style allows you to show some skin with an easy-breezy style. 

There are so many retailers offering a variety of off-shoulder collections in multiple styles and variations. From casual to formal, music festivals to weddings, we’ve got you covered on how to wear and style the off the shoulder trend.

First Things First

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Before you go ahead and wear that pretty off-shoulder dress, top, or jumpsuit, make sure you’re wearing the right kind of bra underneath as it can change how your dress or top looks. Get yourself a strapless bra or a pair of quality silicon pads. The good thing about having these bras is that you can also add them to your lingerie collection.

Different Off-Shoulder Styles

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Whether you want 80s, hippy, or modern chic styles, rocking this trend is a bit tricky if you don’t know how to style this look for different occasions. All it takes is a little effort on your part to learn some elegant ways you can add some sexy appeal to a classic dress, denim jeans, or a polished pencil skirt or even pants. Don’t hesitate to play around with colors and prints, as well as textures and designs. 

Here’s how to incorporate the off-shoulder trend into your wardrobe:

  • Styling with jeans 

Whether you’re wearing a pair of wide-legged denim, skinnies, or baggy jeans, off-shoulder tops are a great styling option with denim jeans. You can wear skinnies and a chic, feminine off-shoulder top or try out a festive, exaggerated shape on top with baggy jeans on the bottom, finished with sneakers for a relaxed vibe. High-Waist wide-legged denim goes well with an off-shoulder crop top. 

  • Perfect matching with pants 

Another great way to wear off-shoulder tops is to team up with some stylish pants, especially loose, wide leg, and slouchy pants. You can pair that look with summer sandals for a relaxed combo or even with heels to make your outfit look formal. Stylish pants can also be complemented with a cropped off-shoulder top.  

  • Try overalls for a sexy and unique look 

Overalls or dungarees are also a fashion style that is unique and perfect for pairing with off-shoulder tops. You can opt to go for slim-cut, baggy, or skinny fit overalls and creatively include some floral touches or patterns and textures to create a chic off-the-shoulder style. 

  • Casual chic with shorts 

Just like overalls, wearing shorts with off-shoulder tops is another great way to create a casual look. From denim, cotton, and leather to fabric shorts, it’s easy to create an effortless look that defines your personal style.   

  • Super feminine skirts 

You can also wear an off-shoulder top with different styles of skirts. From full skirts to maxis, pencil skirts to miniskirts, and mermaid styles, you have different choices to choose from with simple off-shoulder tops to achieve an alternative and edgy look. 

  • Off-shoulder dresses for a casual or formal look  

Off shoulder dresses are a big trend, with celebrities embracing the look at fashion events. From maxi dresses for pregnant women to short and formal dresses, off-shoulder dresses look great for summer wear, weddings, date nights, festive wear,

Accessories to Pair With Off Shoulder Styles

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To make your style more elegant, pair your look with accessories and jewelry but make sure not to overdo it. Minimal jewelry is the way to go. You can pair a simple choker style necklace with an off-shoulder dress, a longer chain and hoop earrings with a strapless dress, a skinny glitter belt with a backless off-shoulder dress, and trendy bracelets with off-shoulder tops. For the perfect summer look, incorporate the trendy off-shoulder look with a colorful hat.

Personalize Your Style

Whatever look you want to go for, pairing off-shoulder tops, shirts, sweaters, and dresses with the right outfits easily creates a vibe that personalizes your style. Make the off-shoulder trend a part of your wardrobe essentials by trying our these different styles. 

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Author Bio: Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and copy editor. She enjoys covering the fashion industry, and often writes about health and wellness, as well as fitness.

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