On the Road!

If anyone cares to know why we have not updated in so long, its because we have been very very very busy! We are putting together our cross country road trip, setting up an off-the-grid (self sufficient)   motorhome and hitting the road this week! I, Katya spent the last month in eastern Washington perfecting comfortable RV living while things were wrapped up back home in Portland. We are selling everything but the essentials and heading first to New Mexico then west for an awesome Halloween at Slab City.

While on the road I will be checking out and listing all the local boutiques, blogs and designers I find along the way as well as taking photos of our great finds. Firstly Ill start with a couple photos of the motorhome, which I have spent countless hours decorating, painting and renovating.


This is the Brougham. He’s a 1973 Dodge Awesome. We haven’t started or decided on what to do to the outside but you can bet it will be interesting. As far as the inside, you can see the work in progress at the official website of the trip www.NerdsontheRoad.com. It’s kind of an “80’s meets mexico meets Katya” extravaganza.


Coffee break in my mexiclothes.


Here is Katya wearing her new Tokidoki knit hoodie and looking beat to hell after a long day of driving and night of camping without propane for heat. This is the Colombia Gorge at the Stonehenge replica at Maryhill Washington.


Ross wearing RVCA at Stonehendge.

You may not care much for RV living or road trips but since it’s my current living situation, prepare to hear allot more!

Check out www.nerdsontheroad.com to learn more about the trip!

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