Nerdsday: Out of Print Clothing – Tee’s & Accessories for Book Nerds!

When I discovered Out of Print Clothing, I just about blew my paycheck…but, I do have some restraint. I did however immediately order two items representing two of my favorite books of all time (Animal Farm and The Outsiders) and added another several to my pinterest collections for later drooling and summer wardrobe buys.

Almost all of us have read several of  “the classics” (at least in the U.S), even if they were forced onto us by our schools or parents and don’t remember them all, we did read them. The U.S. public education might be incredibly terrible in most states but many of the individual teachers actually care about  education and exposing kids to new and exciting ideas from classic books. I managed to avoid many of these by moving around so much as a kid. A simple “I read that at my last school” would get me out of almost any book assignment and I would get to choose my own books from the library. The first time I allowed a teacher to recommend a book to me, it was Fahrenheit 451. I read the back of the book before I pulled out my best excuse and found that I actually wanted to read it. From then on my idea of what the school system was trying to do to me (turn me into main-stream zombie yuppie scum I thought – yes I had a green mohawk and a pierced nose), became less of a war against the whole system and more of a treaty on an individual basis. I started to notice cool teachers who actually cared and I started to consider that “the classics” are not necessarily “tools of the system to pacify my rebellious brain”.

In fact, “The Classics” are freakin’ awesome. They teach us great lessons about life, individuality, rebellion, coming of age, or journeys of mind, body and spirit. After avoiding so many of them for so long, I now find myself downloading them to my Kindle and playing catch-up. Out of Print Clothing, has not just “the classics and greats” of literature in t-shirt form, but also iphone covers, tote bags, journals and more to please or encourage any book lover or future book lover (kids clothes too!).

You know the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover?”, well it’s true, but so many great classics had amazing covers, (take from that what you will) and now you can wear them, and people will be able to judge from your cover, that you love awesome books.

Animal Farm by Orson Wells

Out of Print is also an active participant in Books for Africa, donating one book for every sale!


“In addition to spreading the joy of reading through our tees and accessories, we acknowledge that many parts of the world don’t have access to books at all. We are working to change that. For each product sold, one book is donated to a community in need through our partner Books For Africa.”

book madness

Really Love Books?

Get into the Madness! Out of Print is having “Book Madness” where 64 books go head to head – where only one book comes out alive! Book MADNESS!!

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