How to Pack For a Fall City Break Trip

Getting away from the city noise and crowds is something everyone needs from time to time. For some people, there’s no better time throughout the year to pack their things and leave than the fall months, especially when the rain season is still at bay. Of course, this probably won’t be a long vacation, so comfort and essentials are your two key factors for proper packing. Depending on your city break destination, you can adjust the contents of your travel bag, but stick to the basics and necessities nonetheless and your getaway trip will be light and pleasant.


Even if it’s still early fall, nights have become quite cold and you definitely need a coat or a jacket to protect you. In order to save space in your bag, put on your outerwear, or simply throw it over the bag. You never know when you might need it, and there’s nothing more impractical than searching the contents of your bag in order to find something you need, making the mess of all your stuff in the process.


By all means, bring your sleepwear with you. When it comes to towels, make sure to inquire the place you’ll be staying at about towel availability. You could save a lot of space if you know that the towels are going to be placed in your room as you arrive. Of course, underwear is something essential to pack, so make sure to pack only the amount that corresponds to the number of days that you’ll be staying away from home.

Wardrobe basics


If you’re not sure what outfit combinations would be the best for your trip, stick to the basics and that way you’ll have more options for fashionable combinations. Bring something that you’d feel most comfortable in such as jeans, basic tees, cardigans and a sweater if it’s going to be a bit colder. If you believe that there will be an opportunity for a fancy night out but you’re reluctant to bring your best dress, check out some dresses on sale prior to your trip, so that you have that aspect covered as well.


Shoes are very bulky and they can take up a lot of space in your travel bag. Therefore, it would be best to pick out the perfect pair of shoes that you can travel in and that would serve you as a comfy pair for all your getaway activities as well. Again, if there’s going to be some going out involved, you can bring one pair of shoes that’s more elegant, but pay attention to what forms of fun the place you’re travelling to is actually offering. You might not need to bring your highest heels.


Even though you’ll probably have some shower products ready for you when you arrive, it would be best to pack your own that you’re used to. This includes your makeup, skincare essentials, deodorant, hair products and similar. If you have a detailed beauty regime, this part of your travel necessities can also take up a lot of space in the bag. It would be best to get travel-friendly containers and fill them with the amount of product you’ll actually use while away. These special containers are also safer since they’re less likely to open up during the trip and have their contents spilled all over your stuff, which can actually happen with regular product packaging.


When packing for a city break trip in fall, keep in mind what your usual apparel and necessities would be for going about your day. You definitely don’t need to bring anything more than that. Otherwise, you’ll just have a bulky and heavy bag that will be nothing more than a nuisance to you and your relaxing time outside the city.

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