Packing Tips For Your Summer Holiday This Year!

Now that travel is allowed again, it’s time to start thinking about packing for your summer holiday. Trying to think of everything you need for your holiday can be stressful, so we are here to simplify the process so you can enjoy the run up to the holiday without the worry! 

Roll Your Clothes

Our first tip to make sure that your clothes are in good condition when you arrive is to roll them instead of fold! This is the best way to avoid your clothes getting very wrinkled. To do this, fold your clothes along seams and then roll from there, as you will avoid any wrinkles. This helps you to pack your suitcase more efficiently! The only thing you should avoid rolling are very chunky items like knitwear, as they can actually take up more space when you roll rather than fold. However, on the most part, you will save space and you will arrive with ready to wear clothes! Afterall, who has time to iron on holiday? 

Keep Your Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags

Next up, you should keep your plastic dry cleaning bags when you pick up your clothes as these will come in really handy when packing. If you have particularly delicate luxury clothing, then you probably don’t want it to be packed directly next to other things. Lay down a plastic dry cleaning bag and then neatly lay your delicate clothing over the top. Place another dry cleaning bag on top and you will help to protect it from getting caught on other zips or buttons. This will also give an extra layer of protection in case anything leaks. 

If you are packing toiletries in your suitcase, make sure that you keep them as far away as possible from the rest of your clothing, particularly your special clothes and accessories! 

Invest In A Good Toiletries Bag

This brings us to our next point, which is to invest in a good, leakproof, toiletries bag! This is so important if you are packing your toiletries with your clothes, as the last thing you want is for them to leak and then you will need to wash everything when you arrive. So, spend some money on a leak proof bag and then you could also cellotape the top of shampoo, conditioner and sun cream bottles just to be extra safe! 

We would also recommend placing the leak proof toiletry bag in a bin bag, just as an extra layer in case something does leak! This might seem over the top, but suitcases often get thrown around when you check them in, so taking the extra precaution will definitely be worth it. 

Pack A Reusable Water Bottle 

Our final tip to make your life easier when packing is to take a reusable water bottle with you. You can’t take drinks through security with you, but you can take any empty reusable bottle. So, you can drink on your way to the airport and when you are checking in. Make sure it is empty for when you are going through security, and then you can refill it when you get into duty-free. There are usually free water fountains, or if you ask a cafe nicely, they will usually fill it up. We all know airports are overpriced, so this will help you to save a bit of money and it will make sure that you always have water on hand for your journey! 

Final Thoughts

If you are a bit out of practice when it comes to packing for your holiday, here are a few great tips that will make the process easier! 

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