Plaid is the new black

“By Kos-Mos. Frilly shirt found at a random festival, Body line jacket, Riachuelo shorts and hairbow, hand made necklace, Montreal rocing horse shoes, Body line and Lupo socks and tights, Body line bag, pin given to me by Meh, random belt with a heart buckle that was given to me by Lily, VW replica/le cafe/hand made rings. Featuring Gloomy” Plaid I never really thought I would say it but, plaid is finally cool, at least for a little while. I never got into the grunge era, looking like a slob was never appealing although holey jeans never got old, as…

Weekly pick!

Night 5/8/08, originally uploaded by Black Luna. “I’m not sure what attracted me to this dress, I think it the colors and shapes. This was tuesdays thrift find along with the belt. Sorry for the crunched pose, I’m holding on to the last bit of light. 80’s Strappy Salmon pink belt – Thrifted Black print dress – Thrifted Black Ankle fringe moccasins – Ebay Tights – H&M” Damn thats an awesome dress!

Men and Kilts: why the hell not?

2008-05-08 brown and orange, originally uploaded by Kasmeneo. Skirts, kilts, whatever you want to call them. Theres nothing wrong with men wearing them. They’re comfortable, stylish and you can even ride a bike in them (as you can see) . This member has been contributing for quite some time and I think he needs some attention. We need more men in the group! Come hither! Quote form the photo: “Since I ride to work on the bike I wanted to show you this red wind sculpture. I totally like the shape, and the way it is always changing. It’s just… Stickers!

It’s Official, we have swag! and its Cheap swag! Two dollars gets you 5 stickers and pays for the stamp even! Let me know what you think of them. I have a few ideas but so far this is the one I have printed and ready to stick on anything you can imagine. I ordered t-shirts as well and will be hand screen printing them soon! Holy cow the excitement! Heres the first sticker! (Its about 2.5 inches long so this is a little under actual size!) $2.00 US More designs coming soon! Check back!

Weekly Picks!

In barcelona leather jacket, b-day present stripe cardi, b+ab white vest, primark, GBP1.5 Black dress, H&M, GBP 1.5 Leggings, Primark, GBP 2.5 Fringe Boots, Primark, GBP 3 Handbag, Vintage, GBP 1 sun galsses, Lime, GBP 2 Yinse coat: h&m shirt: matsuda tie: laurant benon underskirt: hand-me-down leggings: ?? shoes: hand-me-down

Portland’s First Warm Week!

Portland had its first semi-consistent week of sun and (near) warmth! A visit from out of town and tolerable weather got me on the street again! and where else to take an out of town friend than Hawthorne Street (first of many neighborhoods to see). Hawthorne can can get a bit overcrowded on weekends, but luckily we roamed around on a Wednesday. Weekdays offer more space to breath, less people to compete with at stores and a better chance of finding room or time to stop someone and ask them for a photo. Also, with the excellent weather, and hopefully…