Smashing Darling Interview with Erhart Design

Interview: Chelsea Erhart, Clothing Designer Meet Chelsea Erhart, owner and designer for her clothing line Erhart. Read on as this young energetic world traveling designer takes you on a sneak peek tour of what life is like for her. Her home base is in Oregon, but the inspiration for her collection comes from all over. Pieces from the current Erhart collection SD: When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?CE: It was really my mom who decided I was going to be a fashiondesigner! As for me, life kept on handing me jobs where I learned theskills…

New Street Fashion Watches by Steel Cake Watch Co.

New York, NY – Steel Cake, the new watch company based in Brooklyn sets out to launch their introductory line of timepieces. Emerging young designers, Matthew Burnett and James Nelson set to break the mold with new fashion-forward flavor to the watch industry with creations such as dog tag watches Time has never been so fashionable. Steel Cake is the new watch company based out of Brooklyn founded by designer Matthew Burnett. Twenty-two year old Matthew is one of the youngest watch designers in the industry. Matthew is set to launch his first line of watches with good friend and…

Top Shop Takes in Local Designers

Top of the shops Lebo Diseko Fashion students from Barking & Dagenham are competing for the chance to have their clothes sold at Topshop. Fifty students from Barking College and Barking Abbey School have been challenged to design and make T-shirts for the store.They’ll then have be judged be judged by the store’s bosses, and a panel of senior industry professionals. The winner will have their garment sold in the flagship shop on Oxford Street as part of the Spring/Summer collection next year. It’s the first competition of its kind in the country, and is part of an initiative called…

the world is ending

Yes. Thats right.. Zubaz Pants are BACK!!! Please dont buy them, not even to sleep in. They are not retro. They are a sick sad reminded of how LAME the 90’s WERE! The pants were first made popular by weightlifters and overweight sports fans and it should stay that way.. in the past. I understand that everyone wants a piece of the “retro fads” that are overwhelming the world today, but this was a bad fad even when it was in its own time. Take a look at the photo below. There it no forgiving that. I plead with all…

New girl in town

Theres a new designer in Portland and she needs some damn attention. Shesho Designs provides fashionable and affordable apparel for hip young adults. Sheshocomes from a place you can feel good about,The Great Northwest, but more specifically, Portland (Oregon). Krista Kelly, founder of Shesho Designs, was inspired to explore fashion design after spending three months in Buenos Aires Argentina the winter of 2006. Her work is heavily influenced by South American fashion and the graffiti art that she documented in Argentina. After returning to her home town of Bellingham Washington, she soon moved to Portland. Portland proved to be an…

Concurso de fotografia “Street Fashion” Verano 2008

“Sé el mas famoso gorrión en tu barrio”
Solicitada Abierta para la nueva colección 2008 de Bolsas de Viaje, que invita a participar del concurso “Sé el mas famoso gorrión en tu barrio” a todos aquellos diseñadores, profesionales, empresas, instituciones o gente de barrio con asiento en cualquier lugar del planeta.

¿Te sentís preparado para ser un auténtico gorrión de barrio?
¿Soñaste con poder ser parte de nuestra gráfica?
¿Y salir en distintas publicaciones publicas?
¿Y ser famoso entre tus mejores amigos del barrio?

La propuesta
Los participantes deberán enviar una “fotografía inédita” junto a alguno de los accesorios de Bolsas de Viaje. La imagen no necesariamente deberá ser un auto retrato. El jurado sólo considerará premiables las obras que cumplan con la consigna en su totalidad. Cada concursante podrá presenter una única pieza fotográfica. Valorando así el criterio de selección de cada uno.
Las fotos seleccionadas aparecerán en toda la campaña de Bolsas de Viaje a lo largo de toda la actual temporada. Piezas de difusión Via Postal, prensa y otros medios gráficos a concertar.
La recepción del material es hasta el 30 de octubre.

Bag Lady

Posted by Amy Rosko on Wed, Oct 3 at 1:52 PM in the Portland Mercury Mod Column Crystalyn Kae’s “Soirée Drawstring” bag just made my short list of must haves for fall. It’s handmade. It’s vegan. It’s water-resistant. It’s large enough to fit a laptop. It comes with a warranty. Does it get any better? I (personally) don’t think so. Crystalyn Kae’s Seattle based accessories can be found on-line or at a handful of shops in town. Click here for the complete listing.

A horrible interview of a great artist: dirty pretty things

  I really love the works of Marilyn Minter but managed to interview her with the most horribly shallow and artistically uninformed questions imaginable (only 17 Magazine could have done worse). Regardless, There is some information about her recent works to be taken form the article which ive reposted below.   Thursday, September 27, 2007 08:08 AM ( Marilyn Minter depicts beauty’s underbelly. For the past 30 years, her photo-realist paintings of dirty feet in diamond-studded stilettos, eyelashes clumped with glittery mascara, and teeth chomping down on a glittering tennis bracelet have been among the art world’s most direct…