Designer of the Week: Pengat – Unique Hybrid Creations from London

Pengat is a unique clothing and art print company founded by artist Joanne Pennington in 2011.
Each tee and sweatshirt from her current collection features a hand drawn illustration of artful animals, comedic animal hybrids, animals in clothing, or skull motifs.
Animals and skulls are two of my favorite things so I was immediately drawn to each and every design and the sweatshirts look particularly comfortable in this cold British weather.


Lion Sweatshirt or Organic Tee – Great color throughout and perfect illustration size. 


Skull Headdress Design, nice touch of color on the headdress, realistic skull with unique hand-drawn look.


I love Ravens! Great balanced design and that little blue black highlight unique to raven feathers!


Deer/Skull – The cycle of life and death in the forest.


Wolf – Love the green/yellow eyes! 

Pengat was formed in early 2011 by illustrator Joanne Pennington. The name Pengat is derived from the penguin-cat hybrid, an illustration Joanne worked on after doing a volunteer programme with penguins in South Africa and coming home to notice the similarities in her black and white cat. Coincidentally, it also happened to resemble her surname.

Pengat offers unisex clothing that have Joanne’s hand drawn illustrations screen-printed on, or framed prints of each design if preferred. Inspiration for the designs come from dark creatures, hybrid animals, taxidermy, skulls and birds.

Pengat is currently trading at Greenwich Market (London, UK) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For online sales see the clothing section of the Pengat site or shop on the ASOS Marketplace.

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