The Unique Travel Set: Perfect Lightweight Travel Solution for the Fashionable Jet-Setter

A fashion start-up from Zagreb, Croatia has developed a stylish, convenient and popular-priced Lightweight Travel Solution for U.S. and international businesswomen and globe trotters facing the challenge of what to pack, carry and wear for multi-day business and leisure trips.

Introducing Unique Travel Set by Travel Fashion Lab, Inc., a collection of seven fashionable and coordinated garments – packed in a 6-in-1 convertible bag – with grab-and-go convenience that mix and match to create as many as 30 styles and outfits. The innovative travel solution debuts today on Kickstarter.

Providing all the clothes a woman needs for a three-to-five-day trip in a fashionable bag, excluding undergarments and shoes, Unique Travel Set weighs less than four pounds. The set features a multi-functional dress, a set of removable sleeves, long shirt, leggings with breathable mesh, a pair of pants, a belt and a cap/scarf combo. Each garment is made from super comfortable, durable and wrinkle-free viscose, making them ideal for business and leisure travelers.

The initial sets are available in three colors (diamond black, golden beige and coal gray and in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes plus petit, regular and long lengths. The full set will retail for $350 ($440 for a luxury set which adds a transparent dress and scarf) when available online and in stores later this year, but significant discounts on pre-orders are available now to those who support the company’s Kickstarter campaign.

The Unique Travel Set concept emerged from a conversation between two friends, Raseljka Maras, 38, a former public relations executive and entrepreneur, and Katarina Dzale, 40, a noted Croatian designer who runs her own fashion company (and who survived the war in Bosnia during her teenage years). After Raseljka shared her frustration over the hassle of packing for travel, including the time and energy it takes to select clothes for a trip, carrying heavy suitcases and paying airline baggage fees, Dzale went to work and created the prototype for the Unique Travel Set.

“Unique Travel Set gives businesswomen and all active women the convenience of being able to pick up and get away at a moment’s notice for several days with a fully packed bag of clothes that’s appropriate for any setting or time of day,” said Raseljka Maras, president, Travel Fashion Lab. “More importantly, it empowers women with the freedom and peace of mind to focus on the journey, business and discovery of travel without obsessing about what they will wear.”

The Unique Travel Set concept has been in development for more than two years, a process that included testing with 100 women all over the world, representing a wide range of age groups and body types.

“As a fashion designer for more than 20 years, I know that women want to feel safe, satisfied, self-confident and beautiful to themselves and others in the clothes they wear,” said Katarina Dzale, CEO, Travel Fashion Lab. “The seven wrinkle-free garments in our Unique Travel Set harmonize easily in many combinations so each woman can make the outfits their own. The set will make them look great wherever life – or an airplane – takes them.”

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Kickstarter Launch: 

The Unique Travel Set Kickstarter campaign’s goal is to raise at least $26,000 – but hopefully more to fund the expansion of more styles, colors, garments and accessories. To entice contributors, the company offers a wide range of pledge levels gifts, from $8 to be acknowledged as a “Happy Family Member,” to $3,500 for a seven-day trip for two to Dubrovnik, Croatia for a woman and her “BFF.” A full list of offerings is available on the Kickstarter page.

Supporters can purchase Unique Travel Sets for discounted prices of $296 – or as low as $242 for early birds. The special deluxe edition is also being offered on the fundraising platform for $350. Those wishing to receive an additional dress in a different color can select that option from the Kickstarter menu.

“The very idea of going on a trip, particularly spontaneous travel, is exciting and liberating,” said Maras. “We offer Unique Travel Set with this in mind, so women can skip the hassles of packing and oversize luggage to explore and enjoy their world unencumbered and with a freer mind.

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