Perfect Plaid: Your Ultimate Styling Guide

Nothing says “fall fashion” like a closet full of plaid. This timeless pattern has been a wardrobe staple across all walks of life, from flannel-wearing woodsmen to the tartan-sporting fashionistas on Park Avenue. But if you want to wear this print this season, you’ll have to knownhow to style it. Here are some great tips:


The Punk Rock Pattern

Wearing this print (specifically that bright red Royal Stewart Tartan) has always been a popular choice among the rock n’ roll set. Pair your favorite vegan leather moto jacket with some plaid trousers and you’ll look like the life of the party every time! This look is a brilliant way to incorporate some bright colors into your earth-toned fall wardrobe and experiment with a bold new look.

A Dash of Plaid

Of course, this isn’t strictly the pattern of the punks. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a print that draws attention from all types of people — and it’s one that looks great with just about every style. If you’re new to wearing it, however, you might feel more comfortable using it conservatively. Instead of making plaid the focus of your look, add it in sparingly with accessories like a scarf or hat. Wear a sweater in a complementary color to complete the look!

Lumberjack Chic

Autumn is one of our favorite seasons for cool-weather activities. Apple picking, walking in the woods to see the red, yellow, and orange colors, football games in the yard—they’re all great fun, and they all require a look that’s casual, yet cute. Enter the plaid button-down: this simple top is the epitome of fall fashion, and it’s not hard to see why. Pair it with some comfortable jeans and your favorite cardigan and you’ll be warm, cozy, and chic while you enjoy the chilly breeze and hot chocolate.

Business Casual

Looking professional at the office doesn’t have to mean looking dowdy and drab. In fact, plaid blazers or printed slacks can be a great way to liven up your work wardrobe. Look for structured jackets in tweed fabric or pants with a subtle plaid pattern (too bold and you’re heading back into punk territory). You can even wear plaid button-downs to the office, provided you dress it up with nice pants or a pencil skirt.

Not Your Mama’s School Uniform

When you hear the phrase “plaid skirt,” most folks think of private school. Whether that stirs up images of frowning nuns or Britney Spears, we can all agree that these skirts don’t belong in fashion today…right? Wrong. There are many ways to make a plaid skirt look mature, fashionable, and even professional. The trick is to play with the length; a mid-length pencil skirt in this pattern can be downright charming.

Play with Prints

If you really want to make a statement, get wild and crazy and wear plaid on plaid. While the thought may be dizzying, an overload of this print can look super elegant when done right. Look for pieces in similar shades, and then stick to that palette from head to toe. The monochrome look with a touch of (slightly different) patterns will make you look like a real fashionista

Keep is Simple

On the other hand, simplicity can also make an incredible statement when you’re wearing this print. Pair a plaid coat, scarf, or pair of boots with something completely monochrome, like a plain white dress. This will draw the eye to your pop of color and really make your plaid the focal point of your look.

And of course, however you style your plaid pieces this season, make sure you wear them with confidence. If you strut down the street with a healthy dose of je ne sais quoi, you can’t help but look like a superstar.

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