Perfecting Office Wear for Women

Getting dressed for work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your personality. It doesn’t have to be black skirts and buttoned up shirts and there is scope to include some of your personal style in the office without going over the top.  The wrong fashions can negatively impact on your career but the majority of your decisions are probably on the ball. Below are some hints and tips for perfecting office wear.

Perfect Polish

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If you work in an office its important you look polished and professional. You need to present a competent and confident image to your colleagues and clients and the smarter you look the better impression you’re going to give overall. This is applicable whether you’re an intern or the CEO.

The styles, colour choices, length and fit of your office clothes choices will tell people a lot about your ability to do your job. If you’re committed to your career and going places then you’ll commit time and money to perfecting your look for the world of work.

A standard rule of thumb is that distracting clothing or jewellery is not a good idea for the office. Below are our quick guidelines for perfecting office polish.


Not Just Black and White 1

Colours have been analysed by employment experts. Red is said to appear aggressive, grey conservative, navy trustworthy and black chic and on trend. These colours can be worn in many different ways and some can be appropriately mixed with softer shades including corals and pastel blues. Loud colours are always a risk in the office, especially if you’re new and finding your feet. Patterns can work and the LK Bennett range combines geometrics with conservative black and white pieces to show how office wear should be.


Jewellery that jangles and jingles is a bad idea. Long dangle earrings and bangles should be swapped for simple, noiseless pieces that are understated. Jingly jewellery is off putting and gives a bad impression as well as distracting others from their work.

Basic Rules

There are some tips of polish that you should simply know are common sense. Properly manicured nails, ladder-free tights and scuff-free shoes are essential as well as neat and tidy hair.

Handbag Chic

Opting for your favourite backpack or crumpled canvas bag simply won’t do. You should look at structured handbags that look organised and professional – the same as you should.



Your professional work image should be about fit. Clothes that fit better are extremely important and tailored clothing is designed specifically to fit to your shape. Well-fitting clothes are easier to feel confident in and pencil skirts combined with buttoned up jackets look great.

Office No Nos.

There are three things to avoid in the office:

  • Dressing too suggestively – the office is not the place for your miniskirt or your stilettos. They look out of place and you won’t be treated seriously.
  • Dressing too casually – in most offices jeans, t-shirts and hats are not considered acceptable so you should stay away from these wherever possible.
  • Dressing like you don’t care – wrinkled clothes or baggy clothes just don’t send out a positive message.

Dress sharply and professionally and you’ll be taken seriously!

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