Photos of the Day: It’s Always Hot in America del Sur

Although the temperature varies greatly throughout south america, from its towering Andes to arid deserts, steaming jungles and glaciers the size of U.S. states, Fashion is always hot in South America, if you know where to go. The larger cities of course being the most connected with the world and having also their own inventive style, trends, music and even celebrities. It’s easy to take advantage of what we know nothing about but don’t forget about South America when looking for your next look, not only will it be different than many styles you come across but it will represent a continent as rich in terrain as it is in people and creativity. Always have one eye on South America!


By Mariela Ku Photography on Flickr
Website: Mariela Ku Photography

Britrock – Buenos Aires

britrock | 2
By Li.! on Flickr

Vikki – São Paulo

By Maria Emilia Dinat

One thought on “Photos of the Day: It’s Always Hot in America del Sur

  1. very interesting blend of styles. I love the girl from Buenos Aires she has got a lot going on but it works for her! Love it

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