Photo of the day: July 14th 2010

Summer in Paris

“Comment chic! Vous ne pensez pas? It’s just laid back, effortless style at it’s best. The black jeans and sandals are perfect with the tee and faded denim shirt and the round sunglasses give it a quirky edge.

This is a great look, but it’s not totally unique. I could easily imagine (and have seen) numerous very similar outfits trotting down high street Ken, but there’s just something about this girl that makes her ensemble look so much cooler than those of her doppelgangers.

It could be her perfect semi-bed-head ‘do, the art portfolio she had under one arm or the fact she was so pretty. But I think it’s because she’s FRENCH. Yes that’s right I said it, the French just tend to be more stylish than us Brits. Generally speaking (but obviously there are exceptions) their sartorial advantage is not just down to their clothes. It’s that nonchalant/ever-so-slightly arrogant attitude which almost gives the impression that they are entitled to be chic simply because they are French. And to be honest, they’re probably right.”

by Ella Catliff

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