Photo of the day: May 19th 2010

Two photos today actually but from the same member. One is more casual, much more casual, like, “I’m going to wear a combo of things I like and what comes out isn’t my fault (that’s a good thing)” and the other is a little more “shopping in the market and getting a coffee”. I love them both so I couldnt pick just one. Check out Mochachocolata-Rita!

His & Hers Multicolor Harem Pants

hat = H&M
shades = cotton on
tee = uniqlo
pants = maple
shoes = no brand, fa yuen st market

His & Hers Black & Gold Pants

hat = kwai chung plaza
tank top = giordano
lace top = fa yuen st market
necklace = tsuen wan
pants = maple
shoes = vincci, KL

Make sure to check out her blog!

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