Photo of the day: Thriftin’ it

Thrifting is an art, plain and simple. Sometimes you’re born with an eye for potential and sometimes you have to learn by example or, in my case experience. I’ve bought plenty an acid wash jackets or high waisted jeans from the 80s, somehow thinking I had scored some amazing “cut rate comeback fashion” only to find the stuff fits weird, makes me look silly or worse. I have however scored some major finds that I still have today, like my sequin sweater collection and several slouchy boots I still love. Some people however just have major skill, whether they get lucky, get up earlier than everyone else or just see things people don’t, here are a few of them!

Megan McDonald at Value Village Thrift Store

Megan McDonald at Value Village Thrift Store
Megan McDonald of Megan Leefer Vintage will be at the Salvage event this Saturday, April 14th. More info on Salvage at Atlanta, GA. Visit –

Photo by:Brian Hadden

Outfit of the Day – Brooklyn

tenue du jour~outfit of the day
sweater: NYC Opera thrift store
shirt: Salvation Army
pants: Housingworks thrift store
shoes: Sven
socks + hat: borrowed from my husband
Photo by: geldenkirchen

Neighbourhood Hipster

Neighborhood Hipster
Forever 21: Hat, Shirt
Thrifts: pants, shoes, bag, belt
Photo by: TheRubyBox


See more positive power of second hand in our group here!

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