Photos of the Day: London Street Fashion Summer

London Street Fashion

London is often a source of fashion inspiration for us and we can’t wait to visit there soon! There are always tons of Londoners wearing original and trend settings styles all year round, sometimes inspired by fashion in history, sometimes inspired by current trends, London Street Fashion is always fresh! Unless of course you walk around some small town outside of London, then it’s a toss up (haha).

I’m especially partial to the first outfit in this edition. The color combo, the jacket, the pants and the sheer bodysuit are soo this year, as are the second pic with the tight black jeans and neon heels.

Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury, London
By stylogasm

I’m always partial to leggings and since I’m in Montana right now, the jean shirt just gets me, but in a different way than usual. There are a lot of “canadian tuxedos” here, though as the weather gets hotter, less denim is inevitable.

Kenza Diptychs

Kenza Diptychs

By Tatenda Nyamande
Ubuntugraphy on Tumblr

Sweet and simple sheer blue dress. She looks like a 1960’s secretary with those glasses, in that dress, on that street… possibly the shoes and iPhone are the only thing that set her apart from that era.

Blue Dress, London Street Fashion, UK

Blue Dress, Street Fashion - London, UK 27-5-2012
By Grey Photography

I don’t know what to say about this guy, original though no one likes to see a gut through fishnet. At this distance we get the gist of what he was going for and I mostly like it but close up it might be a little too much man nipple for my taste.

Bonus geezer…

bonus geezer...

By jonron239

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