Photos of the day: Hair Day, Shades of Pink

Pink Street Fashion Hair

My hair has been everything from green to red to almost white (right now) and of all the colors I’ve had, pink is my favorite but with many unnatural colors, it can be really high maintenance.
Lately I’ve been debating whether to go pink again, even a streak, but when you have light hair it can be a really permanent decision because it never truly washes out. Hair inspiration (and fashion of course) always comes to me through looking at Street Fashion Photos, so a few of my favorites became a post. If I decide I’m over pink, I can always dye it black and have another excuse for a photo search! XX Have a great weekend!


By sarahwistery

Pink Hair x Leopard Girl
Juria in Harajuku

Pink Hair, Purple Lenses

Pink Hair, Harajuku
By tokyofashion

Buchanan Street
By charles

Diana, 100 strangers portrait challenge #12
By Yan White

Pink Hair

By twisted_karolina

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