Photos of the day: London Fashion Week

As always, London Fashion week was unabashedly british in both style and feel, many designers really pulling together some “Piccadilly Circus” style outfits, in the most literal meaning of the word “circus” (designers, Danielle Scutt, A Child of the Jago and Meadham Kirchhoff).

Other designers really leaned towards androgyny, designing “Things that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man.” as quoted by Irish designer, J.W. Anderson.

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I can’t admit that I would wear all of the things some designers consider unisex but it’s an interesting style movement to look out for in the near future.

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Here are some of my favorite London Street Fashion photos, away from the runway,  from London Fashion Week 2011. More photos here: LFW11 flickr Group

All photos By barney frost

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  1. Street style fashion is so beautiful. I love how you can capture so many different styles and characters. It’s a glimpse into everyday fashion. I do my best to capture those candid moments on the street on my street fashion blog.

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