Photos of the Day: Plaid is not Passé

Plaid has gotten a bad reputation in some places. For example, in the US, many people associate it with farmers, rednecks and “girl next door” types but I wear it, and so do tons of other people who don’t let stigmas over a fabric pattern determine their style! Here are a few people from the group who appreciate a good plaid!

Swedish Plaid

The owls are not what they seem

By vitamininmotion , here

Autumn Plaid

Autumn Plaid

By Ms Midnight Maniac


251/365: The Daily Dose Project

Photo by Pam Lau at

Midwest Kilt

10 November 2012
By Owt N Abowt

Melrose Ave

HiStyley | Melrose Ave Street Style #415


why is a raven like a writing desk?

By alain729 ♫

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