Photos of the Week: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Alive in Street Style

I’ve always wanted to move to Australia. Since I was a little kid reading nature and travel books, to an adult looking into emmigration (and finding it’s too expensive at this time), I have looked at the continent like a Lost World of strange and fascinating animals, landscape, people and places and somewhere I could never possibly bore of. I’ve always been drawn to danger and adventure and having to look our for crocodiles while canoeing or running out of gas halfway to Alice Springs (center of the country) sounds fun to me.  I like that sort of things but that’s just me.

Of course the cities of Australia are safer than the outback, and what they don’t offer in danger they make up for with art, style, film making and musical talents all their own.

Sydney Street Style

Video By Robin James | Visit: YouTube/Website


That Classic Look – Melbourne


By shigeto miyamoto

Amelia – Perth

100 Strangers Project #6 - Amelia

by Costa Gavras

Leena – Sydney

Leena # 2Maggie # 2
Photographed in William Street, Melbourne CBD, November 16, 2011. For more photos see Sydney Spy.


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