Photos to See: What’s Up with Norway Style?

Norway is one of many bucket list countries I want to see, because of the vast, insane nature, the interesting society and people, and most of all, the style! I fished through the group photos and picked out some favorites to share.

A couple of my favorite Norwegian based designers and shops include:

moods-jente-og-gutt-traktorMoods of NorwayThe company sports the slogan ‘Happy Clothes for Happy People.’ In the midst of their fun and edgy designs, the designers were able to incorporate their sense of humor. ‘234.243’ is embroidered in every one of the men’s suits, referring to the number of tractors in Norway (more).

Gudrun Sjödén designerGudrun SjödénThis is the most beautiful and artistic store we have, and it has evolved in an organic way, so to speak. Tiny disasters have happened on our way, but we like troubleshooting. Welcome to our green oasis! (see more on

Check out more Norway Style at:










Gudrun Sjödén Grand Opening_Akersgata 41_Polhem PR_modeller og snøkanon

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