Plaid is the new black

may/2008 ~birthday party“By Kos-Mos.

Frilly shirt found at a random festival, Body line jacket, Riachuelo shorts and hairbow, hand made necklace, Montreal rocing horse shoes, Body line and Lupo socks and tights, Body line bag, pin given to me by Meh, random belt with a heart buckle that was given to me by Lily, VW replica/le cafe/hand made rings. Featuring Gloomy”


I never really thought I would say it but, plaid is finally cool, at least for a little while. I never got into the grunge era, looking like a slob was never appealing although holey jeans never got old, as long as they were tight enough. I finally caved after seeing plaid make its come back over the last few months and bought a pair of plaid leggings from a girl in germany ( ). They’re high waisted so they’ll work as pants or under skirts and no matter how i wear them, their tackyness will shine in any situation really. I’m pretty damn happy with them, now I need to find a jacket maybe, although that might be going to far into the plaid realms, one item per person, and especially per outfit, should suffice.

plaid leggings

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  1. Hi,
    I’m in the U.S. and am trying to find the phone number to the Body Line and Fitness clothing stores in Peru. They sell exercise cloths. Do you know of these stores and how I could get in touch with them? Thank you so much,

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