Plus 2 Clothing – Australian Streetwear for Tall Men

I know the ever so common struggle to find a basic tee when you’re taller than most dudes. Many tall men are stuck wearing whatever basic tees they can find. They often have to seek out XXL or larger (which are really too wide for tall, slim men) just so they’re long enough to be comfortable.

Even at 6 feet tall  (183cm) men struggle with length, both at the waist and the sleeves. However, an Australian based streetwear brand has you covered, literally – Plus 2 Clothing. Don’t be discouraged by their location, they offer express services to all countries!

I especially love their hoodies. Every guy, and most girls I know, loves a good hoodies at least some of the time, and big, baggy, oversize hoodies aren’t flattering on anyone. You can find several designed for tall men who love the streetwear look at Plus 2 – basic designs as well as custom artistic ones, but always stylish, and made to last.

Zip Tall Hoodie
Zip Tall Hoodie – Black
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Sunday Session Tall Tee“Plus 2 Clothing is an Australian born and bred label that specialise in longer length t-shirts and apparel. Dreamt up over a few lazy beers one afternoon, as most good ideas are, we were complaining about the lack of clothing options for us taller skinny guys. For us, at over 6ft, an L was just too short and an XL was just too damn wide. The only options were expensive import basketball jerseys with an extra 2 inches of length. We wanted the right fit, quality material, and some cool designs, without the excessive price tag. Since it didn’t exist, the beer helped in deciding it was time to design some up ourselves.” –  Plus 2 Clothing
Tall tee - Tan


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