Portland on a day like today


I spent a while shopping on Hawthorne today at a couple resale clothing shops, finding several great things of course, when I came across these girls and their damn great combos. I ,as usual, didn’t ask where everything came from but it can be assumed that most if not all is resale and “vintage” (unless I see them again and ask). Of all the people on Hawthorne it was hard to find anyone worth taking a photo of, some peoples outfits seem so preconcived based on what they think everyone else is wearing and what will get them the most attention from people who also dress the same. It’s rare to see anyone with a really random creative outfit… id say “these days” but I cant say that because its more like “ever”. Portland’s got a serious hipnes infection and needs to be reminded that fashion can be fun and not just something people fight to keep up to date on (although half the styles I see around haven’t changed since I moved away 2 years ago, ahem tight pants clever shirts, bicicle messenger hats and adidas/converse/pony/etc). Comon Portland, fuck it up a little bit, you’re getting behind the rest of the world in the simple fashion movement of “doing whatever you fucking want and doing it well”. Being independent in you’re clothing somehow got turned into dressing like everyone else again, something that happens to every eras great styles, they take off, then they’re main stream, and who the hell wants to be that?

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