Portland’s First Warm Week!

Portland had its first semi-consistent week of sun and (near) warmth!
A visit from out of town and tolerable weather got me on the street again! and where else to take an out of town friend than Hawthorne Street (first of many neighborhoods to see). Hawthorne can can get a bit overcrowded on weekends, but luckily we roamed around on a Wednesday. Weekdays offer more space to breath, less people to compete with at stores and a better chance of finding room or time to stop someone and ask them for a photo. Also, with the excellent weather, and hopefully more to come, it’ll be easier to find more people who aren’t covered in peacoats!

Portland: Hawthorne - Jason

Jason – newly from LA
Shirt & hoody – American Apparel
Boots – Sears brand, Red Light (downtown)
Watch – Aspen
Sunglasses – Solar Shields, Goodwill
Lock (lock belt) – American lock

Portland: Hawthorne - Maya

Maya – from seattle
Hat – Nordstrom rack
Purse – lesportsac, Tokidoki, Nordstrom Rack
hoody – Scrapbook, Nordstroms Rack (what a customer)
Shoes vintage, Red Light Vintage (Seattle)
Jeans – bought in brazil

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