The Professional Man: Style Ideas That Will Oooze Professionalism

Working each day is something many of us have no choice but to do. Earning our wage to live the lifestyle we have grown accustomed to. But, many of us don’t take too much pride in our appearance when it comes to our work attire. Sure, if you have a uniform that you can wear each day then there really isn’t much need to
be too more imaginative with your look. But, some of us get to wear our own work attire each day, and as long as we stick within certain guidelines, we can wear what we want.

How many of us consider what we wear to be an attribute of our personality? Less than you would believe, but yet a smart appearance in the workplace can help you appear more professional and even help to be more approachable towards customers as they may feel you know what you are doing. Perhaps even trusting you. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the fundamentals of a perfect working look for the professional man.

The Smart Suit

One of the main parts of a professional look is a decent fitted suit. It has been a staple for the workplace for decades and was once seen as a sign of status and privilege. Now it shows professionalism and style within the workplace. Make sure that when you buy a suite that you consider the leg length and the waist size. The same can be said for the jacket, ensure you focus on the chest size to ensure a good fit. There is nothing worse than a suit looking too big for the person wearing it.

The accessories

Accessories matter to bring the look together. This might mean a tie and pocket square that match, maybe even a tie pin or even sleeve garters to ensure that your shirt sleeve length is right underneath your jacket. Other things to consider would be a belt and even a shirt pin to keep your collar in check. Making sure your accessories match together in regards to colour against your suit is also a great way to add a style element to a normally bland look. Think about brighter colours to inject some personality into your work look. Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t show your personality within the clothes you wear.

The shoes

Shoes are a vital part of any look to finish it off, so avoid wearing shoes that are scuffed or dirty. Make sure you consider something smart and give them a good polish to ensure they look the part. A good shoe will always show quality and will remain comfortable as well.

Everything else

Finally, it’s not just about the clothes, but how you present yourself. Shave or tidy up any designer stubble you may have. Style your hair and present yourself well. These are all things that piece an outfit together, but above all else have the confidence to pull off the look.

I hope these tips help you add some style and professionalism to your work look.

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