Protecting Your Hair in the Summer with WEN by Chaz

You probably know how important it is to protect your skin in the summer. However, did you know that your hair needs just as much protection? You can protect your skin with lotions and sunscreen, but you will need a different approach to keep your hair safe from the sun and humidity this summer.

1. Skip the shampoo

If you are active in the summer, you will be tempted to wash your hair every day. Normal shampoos, however, are very abrasive, which means they strip your hair of its natural defenses. This is especially problematic with the intensity of the summer sun. Let your hair retain its natural integrity to ward off the effects of the sun by reducing the number of times you lather up each week.

2. Style for success

Some styles are simply better for the summer. You probably want to wear your hair up to keep yourself cool during heat waves. As an added bonus, putting your hair up can also keep it from being damaged. Braids, buns or cornrows are excellent summer choices. These styles not only keep the hair protected, but they also can minimize any frizz you may experience in the humidity.

3. Protect with product

You probably also use various styling products to finish your look. Therefore, look for the best options to protect your hair in the summer sun. Products that coat the hair are probably the best choice in the summer. This way, there is an added barrier of protection. Silicone-based products can provide the protection and the control you need to style your summer hair safely.

WEN Haircare Set

4. Moisturize even more

With the humidity, you need to make sure you give your hair all the moisture it needs to survive. The best way to do this is to use cleansing conditioner. While a good cleansing conditioner is always recommended, leave it in even longer in the summer to let the moisture sink deep into the hair. This can keep your hair healthy and silky even with the harshest weather conditions.

5. Invest in the best

For the best hair, you need the best products. That is why you should choose cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz. WEN is an excellent product at any time of the year, relying on natural ingredients to renew your hair’s integrity. You can use WEN in place of regular shampoo for amazing results this summer.

Cruelty Free Hair Care from WEN by Chaz

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