Punk Rock Japan

I’ve never think of Japan when I think of punk rock and denim, but here it is! A new trend in Tokyo seems to be a bit of Americana. Maybe not as much as in the 80s when a pair of Levis 501’s would go for hundreds (as a kid I thought I’d make a living selling denim to Japan) on any given day or when one of the “coolest” things ever were tees and sweatshirts with Micky or Minnie Mouse on them.
This might be a step in the right direction though, price and taste wise, not that I don’t love 80s Japanese style of course. Here you have it, Punk Rock Japan.

Cool Jacket in Harajuku
By tokyofashion

Harajuku street style

Mikki, Harajuku
By tokyofashion

Pink Hair x Leopard Girl
by tokyofashion

Acid Wash is Back
by tokyofashion

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