Quinoa Apparel – Eco Friendly, Animal Friendly, Designs for Fall

manual screen printing - hand printing t-shirts
Manual screen printing – hand printing a t-shirts – Quinoa Apparel

Quinoa Apparel is a great independent eco friendly label with so many reasons to love! Not only do they have a variety of fun, thoughtful and beautifully handcrafted designs, but they love animals, and off-put their own carbon emissions. All of their designs are original and hand screen printed with non toxic inks on mostly organic fabrics, all sweatshop free.

Did I mention they love animals? They do, and that’s huge to me. Over my evolution as a blogger, and a vegan I seek out more and more the types of brands that match my beliefs and hopes for the future and this brand is a biggie.

Making apparel that respects our beautiful planet is our top priority. Many of our garments are made with organic or sustainable fabrics. We also use non toxic inks in order to have the best print quality while maintaining the lowest environmental impact possible. Each item is printed in North-America: most of our consumers are on this continent and it allows us to lower our environmental impact.

Check out some of our favorites from the site and check out their fall collection at: www.quinoa-apparel.com



May the fruits be with you




Who needs Milk when you’ve got KALE-cium!





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