Rainy Day Fashion From ShedRain Umbrellas

Most people in the northern hemisphere will get a lot of rain this Spring; between El Nino and regular spring weather, some of us have already been getting more than we could ever want. So, maybe it’s time to start thinking about our umbrellas as part of our fashion?

20160318173313292My favorite umbrella was a bubble umbrella. We were visiting New York City, just walking around Manhattan, when it started raining and wouldn’t let up. Where I lived before, Portland, no one really used umbrellas. It was either a hood or nothing or people would make you feel like a tourist, however, now that I wasn’t in the Northwest, I could finally hide from the rain and keep my hair in line with a cool umbrella. I stopped on the sidewalk for a guy selling them for just $10. It was clear with a light teal blue border, cheap, flimsy, but it worked for a while before the wind snapped it like a twig. However, I kept it for years anyway trying to make it work because it was so great. Next time however, I’ll get a decent quality umbrella, maybe from a site like ShedRain.com where they have numerous styles and patterns, as well as a few bubble umbrellas. They use actual technology and quality materials, which really makes a favorite umbrella last years rather than days I’m learning.

Umbrellas as Fashion Accessories

I’m starting to notice more and more that pattern trends are moving away from ‘native american’ styles and on to more eastern styles, like Mandalas, Moroccan textures and paisley. I never thought I’d see the day when some of these made it into mainstream US clothing and accessories but I’m so glad they have! Native American patterns and representation have been stolen and re-appropriated for the last 10 years or so, amid court cases and hurt feelings, leaving me to avoid them entirely unless I were to purchase something from a US reservation (whole other huge topic). However eastern patterns have never caused anyone much trouble that I know of, and their detail and beauty could use some appreciation as well.

ShedRain.com has several detailed and colorful patterned umbrellas in their Fashion Umbrella collection, all made with quality fabrics, some with wind vents, others with recycled aluminum, steel, or wooden handles. Some are compact, others are true accessories and have long handles.

If colorful is your style, there’s a great variety of colorful patterns and designs, ranging from abstract and busy to minimalist.


For a more reserved “this goes with EVERYTHING” look, or for the classy professional, there are even more traditional colors, styles and high quality designs. Check out more at ShedRain.com

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