Retaining Youth: Keeping With Trends In Your Early Thirties

Professional and young heading into your thirties? It’s that somewhat big moment when you’re entering into a time in your career and personal life when you can’t shirk being an adult anymore. You can’t hide behind the 2 that goes in front of your age number any longer. You’re going to start thinking of marriage, settling down, chasing that goal of earning a managerial position at work, wanting a higher paid job and possibly saving up for a house. Well, that may be what you have to think and plan about, but that shouldn’t mean losing your youth. Inside all of us, no matter how old we get is a little child that wants to stay young forever. The clothes we wear and the styles we choose reflect who we are. Heading into your thirties means you’re going to have to learn how to balance a youthful and fresh look that keeps with the fashionable trends but doesn’t try too hard. You may not want to look like the dad trying to be hip with the kids so be wary of overly flash styling.


The casual B-boy


Unlike the urban scenes that have always been present like hip-hop, hippie and mods, b-boy culture has come about only recently. It’s a mix of hip-hop and streetwear which makes perfect sense because b-boy break dancers throw their moves to hip-hop beats while wearing clothes that are comfortable and allow full and free movement. As men heading into their thirties may start to show signs of their hair thinning and potentially even going bald slowly, hats become part of everyday life. Looking here you’ll get more info on a type of cap that can be worn with a b-boy influenced style. It’s got lasers inside that help to regenerate your hair follicles while not giving away what the cap is. It looks entirely normal from the outside but wearing it for just 6 minutes a day will help to bring your hair back thick as normal.


Avoid the crisp white sneaks


Indeed when we think of the hipster fashion, you’ll always come back to white sneaks. Although desert boots were the original style, white sneakers have come into the mainstream thanks to music videos featuring them being worn by pop artists. However, when you’re heading into your thirties, it’s time to give up the game of wearing these kinds of shoes. You might say well it’s to do with the rest of the outfit whether or not you will be able to pull them off. However better yet to start going into the smart casual vibe by reverting back to the desert boots. The great thing about this shoe is that it’s versatile for the purpose of them is to be rugged; the clue is in the name. Experiment with black, blue, beige, dark green, even a burgundy would be outlandish but slick at the same time.


We all want to retain our youth, no matter how old and wrinkled we get. But you have to do so without trying too hard. No one wants to be that grandpa trying to fit in with the youngsters. At the same time, if you want to show you’re still fashionable and you know how to express yourself through style give these suggestions a go.


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