Xochico, Retire the Cupcake, it’s Conchita time!

My friend in Santa Ana California and I exchange small presents every Christmas. Mine has yet to be sent (and wont be nearly as cool), but before she went to Mexico for the Holidays, she sent me the most adorable coin purse. At first I didn’t really get it. I speak spanish, I’ve been to Mexico, but to me ‘conchita’ meant only “little shell”, then I read the tag “Panaderia Xochico” (xochico bread/pastry shop basically). Then I recognized it for the popular pastry it was, the concha (in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla) and was uber-excited! Had I been more experimental at my neighbourhood Latino market, I might have known its name, but I’ve always stuck to things with fruit stuffed in them (especially pineapple empanadas) but the conchitas are by far the cutest of all the Mexican pastries, fruit filled or not. After thinking about them more, I realized the Conchita is as clever as a cupcake purse or pillow and Xochico came up with it first. Conchitas are a great way to show your love of pastries, while distancing yourself from the cupcake fad a bit.

I went to their website and found even more treasures like the Conchita – Empanadas, tees with pastries of all kinds, purses, a backpack, pillows and more – and old favorite, designs using traditional ‘Loteria’ and ‘Dia de los muertos’ but with a Xochico touch. My whole place is decorated in Mexican blankets, Mexican tin art and skeletons I bought in Mexico last summer, but the stuff at Xochico definitely has its own modern Latino flare and art.

Cute! I also love their tees and pillows. The empanada pillow is especially cute, and one of my favorite foods, sweet or savory (Argentine fancy cheese Empanadas!).

They have tees for girls and guys with original art, Muertito, Loteria, Pan Dulces and more!

Electrico at Xochico.comKawai at Xochico.com
Santito at Xochico.com

It’s a great way to support an artist and if your from California, a Loca(l) artist !
(Sorry for the weak spanish joke)

Check out their website at: www.xochico.com

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