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San Fran Weekend

This last weekend was great! I went to San Francisco for four days for a surprise birthday party. It was my first time and even though it rained and flooded the first day, with a prognosis of more rain all weekend, it cleared up the last 3 days just for us! We went to Haight street and shopped for a while. There were masses of vintage and recycled clothing stores as well as great new stuff like a Kid Robot store and RVCA outlet! Overall the prices were to be expected from one of the most spendy cities in the country and one of the most touristy streets in the world. I got a new pair of jeans at Wasteland, a shirt at RVCA and a skirt at another fine place (ill have to look up the name!). After Haight-Ashbury we walked around Valencia Street right near out hotel and found many thrift stores and small label stores as well. Check out the San Francisco page coming soon to the site for new listings!
Haight Street San Fran

Haight Street San Fran

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